Becoming Design Competent


        I've recently come to realize the importance of a full stack engineer's ability to design well. From my first day at UCB, I've been surrounded by students constantly bashing designers and writing them off as inadequate engineers (if even engineers at all). Looking back, it seems ridiculous to me. From a real world perspective, the better the design of the product or service, both structurally (in the code) and aesthetically (or what the end-user sees) the more successful it will be. Developers will have an easier time contributing and consolidating code, and the customers- well, generally the customers are not going to understand what's going on behind the scenes. What they are exposed to, is the design of the website. Their experience almost entirely depends on the UX (hence the name) and, of course, the aesthetic appeal of what's in front of them.

Published: October 18 2013